“I use the lemonAid pre-workout and can tell a big difference in my energy level during very high-intensity workouts. Since using consistently I’ve noticed my body fat percentage has declined over the last month. I definitely recommend LemonAid” – Kim R.

– Kim R., patient.

“16 years ago In 2004, I was a slender 160 pounds. Now I’m 200 pounds – the needle went up slowly year after year. Never been a huge exercise nut, but decided to start jogging again. But it didn’t take off even a pound, in fact I gained a pound or two. I started drinking LemonAid, and when a friend just told me I looked like I’d lost weight, I checked the scale fully expecting it to be 200 lbs. It was 190…the first weight I’d lost in years. I’m so excited, and the ONLY change I made in my lifestyle was the LemonAid. Now I’m motivated to eat more veggies and fruits, because my carb cravings have gone down noticeably. I think everyone’s metabolism is different, but LemonAid was such a noteworthy help for me I want to share the good news.” –E.R., patient.

– E.R., patient.

It has a great lemonade taste, has no sugar, give me energy throughout the day as I drink it, and helps me burn fat! Now, how could I ask for anything more from a drink that hydrates me?

-Rebecca Murray, APRN, Endocrine Nurse Practitioner, Institute for Hormonal Balance, Medical Director of Ward-Murray Health Care Consulting, and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Designs for Health.

A dear friend of mine gave me a container of LemonAid®…she knew I have been struggling with crushing fatigue for years. I opened it in my truck, and put it in my water, drank it down, and I felt energy I hadn’t had in years. And it also cleared my brain fog. I will never be without this product, I haven’t been able to work, so I only used it on days that I needed energy, and noticed I was back in bed when I didn’t take it. A million thanks for creating this life-changing product.

-Pat B